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02/15/2018 05:00 pm Asia/Bahrain Spring Time Nakheel Centre (Saar)

Spring Time

Thu Feb15
08:00 pm Adliya 338
Fri Feb16
04:30 pm Seef Mall
06:30 pm Seef Mall
08:00 pm Seef Mall
Sat Feb17
04:00 pm Amwaj Lagoon
07:00 pm Amwaj Lagoon
08:00 pm Amwaj Lagoon
08:00 pm Adliya 338
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An over the top comedy in the style of a traditional silent movie. A man and a woman are suspended from springs, which are attached to a steel construction. Because of the springs, they are very limited in their freedom of movement. This results in a delayed, clumsy and caricature performance, from the first time they meet, till the inevitable “and they lived happily ever after” A spectacular visual show in which the cliché’s build up to a tragicomic love story.

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